Special Event: Event Exclusive Stamp "01 EVERYTHING STARTS OFF AS A DREAM"

※ Due to many inquiries about whether our event exclusive stamp will be available after Chinese New Year's event, we would like to offer some clarification.

The "01 EVERYTHING STARTS OFF AS A DREAM" stamp will continue to appear in the future events we participate in. We also hope to take it to different countries and share this with more people from around the world.

We've been preparing for this event for a long time, and it's finally here!
There were some technical issues that caused us to spend some time resolving 😿.

To show appreciation for everyone who came to support us at the events, RFZ PANDA has designed a special stamp for you, so that you will always remember the day we met. 🥰.
⚫ We've got a stamp pad ready for you at our booth! Just bring your favorite notebook or paper, tell the staff you want to use the stamp.
⚫ Follow us on instagram and get a special stamp card !
⚫ The special stamp paper is the same size of a standard postcard, perfect for your collection!
⚫ The event exclusive stamp is approximately 9x9cm(3.54x3.54in) 💮
⚫ No purchase necessary for participation ✨

We're very nervous about setting up our stall tomorrow, but we're looking forward to seeing everyone there to have some fun with us
by RFZ PANDA 😼💚🍎

※The same stamp design may be featured in future events.
※Instructions for using the stamp may be adjusted according to the event's circumstances. Feel free to ask our friendly staff for guidance.
※The stamp is intended for use on regular paper only. We reserve the right to refuse any unreasonable usage.

We didn't expect the special stamp event introduce us to so many new friends, including several who share our love for red pandas!💚

It was our first time designing a stamp, from drawing to testing, to actually making it and organizing the event, we have learned a lot throughout the process. Even though the booth was small, we appreciate everyone's efforts to try and stamp out the perfect RFZ Panda.

Lastly, we would like to thank those who appreciated our stamp design. It gives us motivation to design the next one.

Here are some photos from the event: