2022.05 Craft Market Events in Kaohsiung Taiwan

Update: This weekend's event(5/14-5/15) has been cancelled due to bad weather.  ❗



May is the big rainy season in Japan and there is even a special Japanese word 「梅雨🌧️」(tsuyu) to describe it! Anyway, make sure you always has an umbrella☂️ with you.

Last month, we were very honored😸 to be invited by the Kaohsiung Talees Department Store to sell at one of their in-store kiosks. We have met a lot new friends there and it was such an exciting experience💚.

In May, we will be joining two of siong-tian's craft markets:

📍5/14(SAT)-5/15(SUN) siong-tian x Pier-2 "Takao's Craft & Vintage"
Place: The Pier-2 Art Center
Time: 14:00 - 21:00

📍5/21(SAT)-5/22(SUN) siong-tian x Hanshin Arena Market
Place: Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza 1F
Time: 14:00 - 21:00

Since it is going to rain a lot in June, we have decided to sell at the kiosk again next month, providing a more comfortable and safer indoor environment for you to enjoy shopping. We will be announcing the details in the near future😸.

And now, we are preparing for the next theme collection and it should be available in June so stay tuned!

by RFZ Panda😼💚🍎