9.18-9.21 "Mid-Autumn Festival" a bit humans. market in Kaohsiung Taiwan

There's no need to say that most of us have been waiting for this once per year "Mid Autumn Festival" holiday period. Meeting families, eating mooncakes, sit back and relax for a short few days. But what is even better if you and your beloved can go to a beautiful market and get a treat for yourself?

After a long long wait, we are finally going to Taiwan this year! We will be participating in the "a bit humans. market" from 9.18(sat) to 9.21(tue) in Kaohsiung.

9/18(sat)-9/21(tue) "a bit humans. market 小人類x雄店市集⁠ 圓月入船町"
Place: Kaohsiung The Pier-2 Art Center 
Time: 14:00 - 21:00

This time, not only do we sell our original RARE FIND ZAKKA merchs, we also have a great selection of handmade products and designer items from Japan and Hong Kong.

Only a few more days to come, can't wait for it!
by RFZ Panda 💚💚


在高雄的各位 中秋節 除了 烤肉 之外要去哪裡玩呢?😺⁠

🎊RARE FIND ZAKKA將會在「高雄駁二」 出店!⁠

9/18(六)-9/21(二) 小人類x雄店市集 圓月入船町⁠
地點: 高雄駁二大義倉庫⁠
時間: 14:00 - 21:00⁠

-「手作 X 飾品 X 雜貨」-⁠
這次除了有RFZ ORIGINALS的原創商品之外,還有日本跟香港作家的手作飾品跟文創雜貨。⁠

來找我們玩的時候,記得參加"追蹤IG活動",還能拿到我們跟香港插畫師 cheeky cheeky 合作的聯名限定明信片。🎉⁠

by RFZ Panda🐱⁠