Omamori are lucky charms which said to provide luck or protection.
They are sold at Shinto shrines (神社 jinja) and temples in Japan.
Wearing them as accessories are popular among the Japanese culture.

Each month we will be visiting different shrines around Japan to find unique and special omamoris for you. Most of them are very limited in quantities so

About "Kawagoe Hikawa Jinja 川越氷川神社"

Most famous for its blessing of love or marriage, people from around the world come to worship for a good fortune in relationships.

During summer, over thousands of colorful wind chimes will be hanged around the jinja's area, well known as "the corridor of wind chimes", that people would write down their wishes on wooden strips, tie them on and let the wind brings our words and hopes to the gods.

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About "Hoshikawa Sugiyama Jinja 星川杉山神社"

With over 1200 years of history, Sugiyama Jinja was mentioned within books many times during Heian and Edo periods about its divinity and blessings. They worship 日本武尊(Yamato Takeru no mikoto) who saved lives with not just courage and wisdom, but love.