cheeky cheeky

Minibus Sign Style Postcard

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Created by Hong Kong illustrator Pok Li, Cheeky cheeky is a character who claimed to be the cheekiest person in the universe. He has been dressing up as numerous well-known characters and still retain his cute cheeky personality in every costume.
由香港插畫家Pok Li 創作的Cheeky厚臉皮角色,自稱是全宇宙最厚臉皮的人。儘管他被打扮成各個世界知名人物,還是保持著可愛的厚臉皮個性。

This postcard is designed in Hong Kong old minibus signs' style. 
Where we found:  Hong Kong
Creator: Pok Li
Release Year: 2019
Size: 14.8x10cm
Material: 260lbs Dutch white card