SEIKO Vintage Melodies in Motion Clock - "Puppet" / RY411S

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Vintage SEIKO Melodies in Motion Clock - Released in 1990, this clock is part of the famous "puppet" clock series. Its triangular shape, the white "spot pattern" inside, and the color combination of black and gold is a great representation of the Japan's 90s classic-modern designs.

When the hour strikes, the charming puppet inside starts cranking the wheels and playing musical melodies. It also features an "Auto Mute at Night" function, which automatically stops the music to ensure it doesn't disturb your sleep.

Music box selection: 1. 波濤を越えて Over the Waves/2. 80日間世界一周 Around the World in 80 Days/3. エレクトリカルパレード Electrical Parade/4. 星に願いを When You Wish Upon a Star

Clock function has been tested 72 hours straight with no time delay.

Comes with a "RARE FIND ZAKKA custom" user manual. The original Japanese manual is lost, so we created one using references from other products in the same series. The manual includes translations in both Traditional Chinese and English.

Where we found
W30×H26×D11cm / W11.8×H10.2×D4.3 inches
Powered by
4 "C" and 1 "AA" batteries, NOT included
Year of Release
Product Condition
Used/Good condition with minor signs of wear on the front plastic. There is a slightly darkened area on the bottom stand at the back, but it is barely noticeable.
No product warranty applies to vintage electronic products.